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Buyer Lead Pre-Approval Inquiry Timeline Notes

Are you noticing a new timeline note for your Buyer Lead?

We continually strive to refine and strengthen our product offerings. We wanted to provide you with additional data about the lead's home buying journey.


How does it work?

An optional question appears after the lead has completed the Buyer fields on the landing page.

First question is a simple Yes/No:

Are you interested in a pre-approval?



A No will stop the process.

A Yes will initiate a second page which contains a form for the lead to confirm their name, email, and address.



What information is captured?

A Yes or No will appear to indicate if the lead is considering a pre-approval at that time.

If the answer is Yes, what they entered in the fields will appear. A simple notification for No will appear if they opt out of it.




Hey, Nothing is appearing. Why?

These questions are not required, so a timeline note will not always appear.


What should I do next?

Lead follow-up is essential to creating a relationship. The additional information is provided to arm you with further insight into the lead's intent and home buying journey.  


We suggest creating a talk track to answer questions about the home buying process. You’re the expert in the relationship between you and the lead, use that to your advantage. Be knowledgeable and their go-to in this new relationship. 

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