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How to Delete or Restore Leads?

Occasionally, it makes sense to delete a lead.

But, proceed with caution! We always recommend disabling a funnel before ever deleting a lead completely, someone could seem uninterested at a specific time but grow interested over time. It's important to remember we do cater to the just curious crowd, so they might not be ready to move as fast as you'd like.

If you'd like to proceed with deleting a specific lead follow these steps below to delete a lead: 

Step 1: Click on Leads > Go to the lead you'd like to delete and check off the lead.



Step 2: Click the Choose Action drop-down menu and select Delete


Step 3: A confirmation box will appear to have you confirm you want to delete the lead 

Step 4: Your deleted lead will now appear in the deleted leads section of your account. If you want to permanently delete that lead, you can by repeating steps 1 & 2 above and selecting Delete leads under the Choose Action drop-down menu.




Alternate Way For Deleting Leads

Step 1: Click on the lead's name to open the lead profile, scroll down and look on the left-hand side for a button to delete the lead.



Restoring Deleted Leads

Step 1: Go to the Deleted Leads section of your account



Step 2: Check off the lead(s) you'd like to restore, click Choose Action, and select Restore leads


Step 3:
The leads will now go back in your main leads view, but they will be sorted based on when they came into the system, so use the search feature to search for a specific one you restored.

IMPORTANT! If you delete a lead permanently, there is no getting it back! We can not restore any permanently deleted leads. So, please be cautious!

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