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Lead Generation

Q: How do you capture leads?

Answer:  Landing pages, ads, and campaigns are set up by our professional marketing team. We are continuously testing forms, copy, and targeting to ensure the highest possible CPL (Cost Per Lead) and click-through rates possible. Your targeted audiences will see your ads on Google, major social networks, and across the web. Our targeting is agile and will vary month-to-month in order to drive the best results.


Q: Are the leads exclusive?

Answer:  Yes! Your leads are your leads. We will never give the same lead to more than one agent or brokerage.


Q:  I’m getting more leads than targeted, do I have to pay more?

Answer:  Not at all, our goal is to get you as many leads as we can for the lowest cost per lead. We do not cut you off at any specific number since it’s part of our goal to get you as many as we can.


Q: Are my ads targeted by zip code?

Answer:  Following a number of recent discrimination charges from HUD and others, Facebook has implemented changes to its advertising policies. The new ad policy removes targeting by age, gender, or zip code in housing ads and applies to advertisers targeting U.S. users on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. We will still target a region of your choice using our industry-leading ad practices, but can no longer target by individual zip code.


Q:  Why do leads come in sporadically?

Answer:  It’s not done by cost per lead, it’s done in a campaign that has no guaranteed delivery time frame. It produces a more organic lead flow, one day could produce 3 leads, and the next could be only 1 lead.


Q:  Can I exchange my lead?

Answer:  We do not have a referral feature, and we cannot “take a lead back” or exchange it for a different one. You’re able to provide that lead to a colleague you know, if you wish though.

Lead Quantity 

Q:  The promised number of leads are not being delivered...

Answer:  Our lead generation model is based on an average number of leads over the term length (i.e. 6 or 12 month contracts). This means that we look at the month over month accumulation and nurturing of these leads that can create a book of business for you to convert over time. Keep in mind there are variables out of our control, ad traffic during the holiday season for an example. So there will be time lead volume could be a tad lighter.


Q:  Can we get stats for the leads?

Answer:  Those are not available.  Let our expert Marketing team handle the lead generation so that you have more time to nurture the relationship.

Lead Quality

Q:  These leads do not want to sell or buy right now...

Answer:  Internet leads can take time to convert. They are raw and unfiltered, they are in the very beginning of their home buying/selling process. Some might be in different places in the process but we do intend to catch them fairly early on. These leads are long term leads, follow up is key. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. The key to these leads to tackle the relationship with the lead, not the sale.


Out of Area Leads

Q:  I have a lot of Out of Area Leads….

Answer: Out of area leads can happen from time to time, it is to be expected with any internet marketing, however, if you’re seeing an abundance we have a marketing team that can perform optimizations to help reduce the number of out of area leads you’re experiencing. However, there are certain things we cannot avoid, for instance, if someone is traveling within your area and the ad gets served to them so it can happen but we definitely do everything in our power to reduce the number that come in.

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