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How Do I Connect to Zapier?

If your other CRM isn’t listed in the “Connect Your CRM” section, don’t worry!  You still have the ability to connect! This can be done through an integration company called Zapier.  Zapier provides over a thousand integrations with other systems. You can check if your other platform is supported through Zapier’s supported apps page here:

Here's a quick guide to the fields we are sending over to Zapier:
-First Name
-Last Name
-Selling In
-Buying In
-Value Range
-Lead Source
-Lead Type
-Price Range
-Lead Created Date
-Landing Page Name
-Landing Page url
-Assigned Agent Seat

Some of these fields will not populate depending on if you are on the Buyer or Seller Account.  Another thing to know is that not all other platforms will have these same fields so you might need to get creative on which fields to send them to.  If you need help with this, contact your CRM's support for assistance.

If you’re application is listed then you are ready to begin!  The following steps will help walk you through creating a BoldLeads ‘zap’ to your system.

STEP 1:  Navigate to “Connect Your CRM” in your Account Settings.


STEP 2:  Scroll down to Zapier and click on the link labeled “Application Link”.


STEP 3:  You will be directed to a Zapier page where you will be asked to accept the connection.  NOTE! You may need to create a Zapier Account at this point.


STEP 4:  The first section will request the app and trigger event but it should already be populated for you.  Just click the “Continue” button.


STEP 5:  On the next step, you will need to choose your specific BoldLeads Account by signing in with your BoldLeads Username and Password.


STEP 6:  Once signed in, you will be asked for your BoldLeads API Key.  This can be found back in your Account Settings. Click on the link labeled “Generate API Key” and copy the new code generated for you.


STEP 7:  Navigate back to Zapier, and paste in the API Key.  Then click on the button labeled “Yes, Continue”.


STEP 8:  Now the connection is complete.  Click on the “Test & Continue” button to receive a sample lead.  NOTE: This may take a few minutes but you can skip the process by clicking on the “Skip Test” link.  IMPORTANT:  If they can't find data, then you should check that you used the correct API Key.


STEP 9:  Click on the “Done Editing” link to finish the integration.

STEP 10:  Now you must finish what happens to the leads that are sent to Zapier.  Click on the “+” icon to do this. NOTE: You may see an error message at this time stating that you need to complete the action step.


STEP 11:  Search for the application you would like to send your leads to.


STEP 12:  From here, just follow the steps outlined by Zapier to connect to your 3rd party.  The requirements to do this will vary depending on the app you are connecting to.

STEP 13:  Finally, complete the field setup to ensure the contacts are being created/updated correctly in your 3rd party app.


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