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Text Concierge Feedback

You can now provide instant feedback to our concierge on individual conversations.

Want us to ask a specific question? Change our approach with a specific lead? Maybe you've spoken with a lead and want us to know something about that conversation. You can share this directly with us along with a 1 to 5-star rating, as long as you have not claimed the lead.

Ex: Let's say that your Concierge Team sent you an Urgent Request for a lead but they never answered. You can now communicate it with us! 


Here's how!

STEP 1:  Log in to your BoldLeads Account and head to your Text Concierge leads.


STEP 2:  Select any lead and click the "Rate Conversation" tab.


STEP 3:  Provide your rating and press send and we will see it as soon as you send it.


STEP 4:  Just like all other actions taken on a lead, it will be tracked in the lead's profile!


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