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Text Concierge Settings for Agent Seats

Agent seats are able to fully customize their Text Concierge experience for leads that are assigned to them!

It's important to make sure your settings are configured correctly to get the most out of Text Concierge.


The first step in your Text Concierge settings is making sure we have the right contact information for you when the Concierge team has an urgent notification to send you! We've also given you the option to include an additional number and/or email if needed. Remember to click Save when you are done!


Concierge Notes:

The next step in your Concierge settings is where you can really customize the way we engage with certain leads and how to deal with certain scenarios.

Have a preferred lender you want Concierge to recommend? Or maybe you just need to tell us your hours of operation. Whatever it is, this is the place to communicate that with your Concierge team. Once you've left your notes just hit Save!


Share your calendar:

This final step is the most important because this is how the Text Concierge team will know when the best time is to schedule an appointment for you! This will prevent the back and forth between you and the Concierge team. Sharing your calendar allows Text Concierge to determine when you have some availability it makes the process seamless! 

We recommend using Calendly to share your calendar. For more info on how to set one up, check out this other article:  How to share your calendar for Text Concierge



What leads go to Concierge and how to Check-in on them:

 Steps 4 and 5 are reminders on what leads get sent to the Text Concierge and where you can manage your Text Concierge leads.




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