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Why Did I Receive This Lead?

Receiving Leads from areas outside of your targeted area(s) does happen.

In fact, it's not uncommon to occasionally receive an inbound Lead that's not in your county, state, or even your country! 

Our knowledgeable Marketing Team is constantly optimizing your ads to ensure they are targeting the correct audience demographics and physical location data. Facebook, Google, and our display networks use both consumer data and IP validation in order to determine the individual's area.  

Here are the main reasons you may see Leads from outside of your Area: 

  • People access the internet from locations other than their home (work, family, etc).
  • People may be curious about their family/friend's properties, investment properties.
  • Out-of-area visitors, commuters or people may be clicking on an ad that has been shared. 
  • People traveling with their devices are targeted by advertisements in the areas they travel to.

So, anyone who is accessing the internet is physically located in your geographic target area, and who fits the demographic profile may be able to see your ads and may feel compelled to click on them, regardless of the property address they're interested in.

Receipt of these Leads does not mean that your ads are not being targeted for your specified area. 

These are still opportunities too! The Lead is thinking about the value of their home which reflects a desire to sell in the future. This may be a buyer or seller who needs to move in or out of your area. Follow-up and ask some discovery questions to better understand their intentions, motivations, and time-frames. 

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