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How do I send my leads from other sources to Concierge?

Leads can be routed into your Concierge system using your lead routing email address.

Lead Routing:

For the best results, the lead notifications from other sources should be in plain text. You can make this change in the notification settings for the other source you are generating leads from. 

You can find your routing email in your account settings. Forward your lead notifications from your current lead generation platform to this email address. 

Step by step instructions:

Login to your Boldleads account and go to your Account Settings.


Go to your Email routing settings page and copy the routing email.


Configure your settings so the leads will send to the concierge, and be put on the correct funnel.


Leave your BoldLeads account open.

Instructions for Gmail users, users with other types of emails click here.

Now, login to your Gmail account and click the "Gear" icon in the top right and select "Settings"


 Click on the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab, then select the "Add a Forwarding Address" button

 Paste your lead routing email address in this box.


Click "Proceed"


 Click "Ok"

Login to your BoldLeads account and go to your newest Lead. The name should be blank.

Open the lead and look at the most recent note in the timeline. Copy the confirmation code from the note.


 Enter your verification code and click "Verify"


 Ensure that "Disable forwarding" is selected!

Now go to the other tab called "Filters and Blocked Addresses" and select "Create a new filter"


Enter the email address that your lead notifications come from in the "From" field. Then enter "New Lead" in the "Subject" field. Then click the "Create a filter with this search >>" button


Select the "Forward it to" box and select your boldleads email. Press "Create Filter"


💥  All finished!

Users not using Gmail:

Copy the lead routing ( email address from your BoldLeads account.

Open your email client and set up a rule to forward all lead notifciations from your lead source to the BoldLeads email address.


IMPORTANT! Because Leads are sent via a Routing Email Address, they may not configure exactly into the CRM. In other words, it may not be an "apples-to-apples" exchange of the Lead's data. It's a good idea to go in and verify your Lead's information when leads start coming in. Let us know if it's not working by giving us a call at 844-413-1615.




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