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How do I import leads to send to the Concierge?

Importing leads into your Concierge Dashboard is easy!

All leads with a mobile phone number will be sent to the concierge and count toward your monthly limit of 500 imported leads a month.

There are two options when it comes to importing your Leads:

  1. BoldLeads will do it.
  2. Do it yourself.

1. BoldLeads will do it.

Our team is more than happy to upload your leads for you.

Pros: We will format the file and make sure settings are configured correctly.

Cons: Uploads usually take 5-7 days to be imported by a team member.

STEP 1:  Open a new spreadsheet or Google Sheet.

STEP 2:  Copy the Leads into your new spreadsheet.

Please be sure to delete any extra columns and/or any unneeded information from the spreadsheet before saving! This will help our team speed up the Lead Import into your Dashboard.

STEP 3:  Save the file as a CSV file(s).

STEP 4:  Send the CSV file(s) as an attachment by submitting a ticket with us by clicking on the Help icon in your account.

Next Steps

Once you’ve sent the CSV file(s), rest assured our team is working diligently to import your contacts into the Dashboard. IMPORTANT! We will import up to 500 leads on your behalf per month.

  • For each CSV file you’ve sent to us, we will send a confirmation email once received by our team and an additional confirmation once successfully imported into your BoldLeads Dashboard.

2. Importing Leads Yourself

Pros: Your leads are uploaded immediately.

Cons: You must ensure file is formatted correctly and all settings are correctly configured.

STEP 1: Hover over the Leads tab and Select Import Leads.


STEP 2: Select the CSV file from your computer and click the 'Import .CSV File' button.


STEP 3: Map the fields in a lead's profile with the columns from your file.

STEP 4: Assign the correct funnel to these leads so they get the correct type of communication. We recommend reviewing the messages in the funnel you choose before you select it so you can adjust it based on the type of leads you're importing.

STEP 5: Select send leads to Concierge so our Concierge can begin working the leads.

That's it! Once you've hit the import button, your leads will be uploaded to your account. Be sure to check your inbox for confirmation that your upload is complete. As soon as a lead responds, our Concierge will engage the lead.


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