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How Do I Import Leads to Propertybase Go

BoldLeads has an API integration with Propertybase GO!

The BoldLeads connection to Propertybase GO allows for:

Clients with a Propertybase GO Agent account to send leads directly into your Propertybase GO account. 

Clients with a Propertybase GO Broker account to send leads to directly to a specific agent, send all leads to the broker account, or mimic the Agent assignment in BoldLeads if the account has agent seats.

Let’s start!

STEP 1:  Click “My Settings" > "Account Settings”

STEP 2:  Click “Connect your CRM"



STEP 3:  Add your API key from Propertybase GO

(Instructions on finding your Propertybase GO API key below)   

STEP 4:  Enter your Propertybase GO Subdomain (

STEP 5:  If your PBGO access type is Agent (not Broker), and the leads should go only to you (a copy will always appear in the PBGo broker account), then enter your PBGO email into the Agent Email field.


STEP 6: If your BoldLeads account has agent seats then the fields will appear as follows:


The lead notifications email address for each agent seat will be used to match/find the same agent in Propertybase GO.  If the agent email is not found in Propertybase GO, then the lead will be assigned to the Propertybase GO Broker account.

The agent lead notification email is located under > Manage Your Team > Click on the Manage button next to each Agent name.


Moving the toggle to NO will tell Propertybase GO to ignore all lead assignments in BoldLeads.  The leads will be sent to the Propertybase GO account indicated in the API Key and Propertybase GO Domain fields. If there are routing rules in the Broker account it will follow those.



STEP 6:  Setup completed!


Lead Appearance in Propertybase Go.


Leads will appear under the normal LEADS section with the source set to "Website - Propertybase Leads" and all enhanced information will be added to the NOTES section.

Next Step is Optional.

If you do not want the emails and text message from BoldLeads to go out to your leads, turn off the funnel in your Landing Page.  Here is the Help Center article to disable the funnel:

If you would like to turn off lead notifications for incoming leads, here is an article that explains how to turn off lead notifications:

Propertybase GO API key

Propertybase GO generates a unique key for each client.

Reach out to Propertybase GO via email ( and request an API key to connect your BoldLeads and Propertybase GO accounts.

  • Propertybase GO will send the API key and domain directly to you!
  • Add the API key and domain into your Boldleads account and you've just connected your accounts.




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