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How Do I Import My Leads to Propertybase Salesforce Edition?

BoldLeads is integrated with Propertybase Salesforce Edition!

The setup is super simple! All you need is your Propertybase username and passed.  Just follow the steps below to complete the setup in a few minutes.

STEP 1:  Click the “My Settings" drop-down in the upper-right of your account.

STEP 2:  Select the "Account Settings” drop-down option.


STEP 3:  Click the “Connect your CRM" tab.


STEP 4:  Click the "Connect Propertybase Salesforce Edition" link.


STEP 5:  Enter your Propertybase login credentials.


STEP 6:  Finally, choose which leads you want to be sent to Propertybase.



Next Step is Optional

If you do not want the emails and text message from BoldLeads to go out to the leads; the funnels can be disabled.  Click here to learn how to disable a funnel.  


How will the leads look in Propertybase?

Leads appear in Reports > Leads Untouched

BoldLeads is indicated as the Lead Source

Full leads are sent over.



Are your Leads still not appearing in Propertybase?

There are a few things that you should double check.  First, make sure your Propertybase account is using version 1.564 or higher.  If your Propertybase account is not using 1.564 or higher, click here for instruction to update your Propertybase account.

If your Propertybase account is using 1.564 or higher, please reach out to our Client Care Team for further assistance.

The Landing Page Name and Landing Page URL are not appearing in Propertybase?

Depending on the version of your Propertybase account, they may not appear by default and will need to be added manually.

STEP 1:  Click on the gear icon in the upper-right.

STEP 2:  Select the "Setup" option in the drop-down.


STEP 3:  Open the "Objects and Fields" folder.

STEP 4:  Click on the "Object Manager" link.


STEP 5:  Click into the "Contact" object.


STEP 6:  Select the option for "Individual Contact".


STEP 7:  Finally, drag the "Creation Name" and "Creation Path" into the Additional Information Section. 


"Creation Name" will be the Landing Page name and "Creation Path" will be the Landing Page URL.


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