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Why Did My Dashboard Change?

We upgraded the dashboard view! You can access it by pressing the BoldLeads logo in the top right of your screen.

Now, upon logging into your account, a dashboard will appear with a quick overview of your lead activity at a glance. The new fields are interactive, so when you click on any box you will be taken directly to the page indicated.

For example, click on “Seller Leads” and you will be directed right to your seller leads page. If you have “Buyer Leads” and you click there you will be directed right to your buyer leads page. 


We have also made the timeframe for your dashboard overview customizable. You have the ability to manually adjust the time frame to suit your needs.


If you have added the Text Concierge feature, a field is available to show you how many conversations are in progress with our concierge and how many appointments we have set for you. If you want to add this feature, click on the box and you will be directed to the signup page.


We also upgraded your mobile view. Below is what will appear upon logging into the account on your mobile device.



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