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How to share your calendar for Text Concierge

Our Text Concierge team would love to be able to see your calendar so that we can set appointments for you. We recommend using It's free, easy, only shows your availability and it links with whatever calendar service you're already using.


1. Sign up for using the email address that is connected to your primary calendar.


2. Connect your calendar from your email address. Don't use Google calendar? Calendly can also connect with Outlook, Office 365 and iCloud calendars. Click here to see how.


3. Allow the calendar to be shared.


4. Set your Calendly link and timezone. 


5. Set up your calendar settings by editing the event.


6. Click Copy Link to get the URL to paste into your BoldLeads settings. 


8. Navigate to your BoldLeads account and go to your account settings.



9. Go to the Text Concierge tab and Paste the link in your account settings on the Text Concierge page.


Connect to an Outlook or iCloud calendar

First, complete the setup process of your calendly account. Next login and go to "Calendar Connection" in your settings menu.

Select the type of calendar you would like to link.

Enter your login credentials for that calendar and press Connect.

Next, share your calendar link in your BoldLeads account.

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