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Why didn't the concierge engage my new lead?

Sometimes you will get leads that the Concierge does not engage with. Remember, the Concierge only engage with new leads that come from your BoldLeads landing pages OR new leads routed in from other sources with a routing email address.

Why does this happen?

There are a few reasons:

1. The lead put in a landline as a phone number, so the concierge cannot text the lead. You can view which leads are landlines thanks to the "Land" indicator in the Leads page of your BoldLeads account.


2The lead entered an invalid phone number. 

3. The lead has entered their phone number into your system before, so they are a duplicate lead. The Concierge will only engage with leads that have never entered their phone numbers into your landing pages.

You can turn off the ability for a lead to enter the same information twice in the settings of your Landing Page, although this is a good indicator that a person is highly interested because they've entered their information multiple times.  


How to change duplicate lead settings in your Landing Page settings. 

4. You've reached your monthly limit. You can view and upgrade your plan in your account settings.


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