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What is Text Concierge?

Text Concierge will work your leads for you and attempt to set up appointments, saving you time and money.

When you're using Text Concierge and you receive a lead, it will automatically go into the concierge system (if that lead has a mobile phone number). As soon as that lead responds to our text funnels, within minutes, a concierge will reach out to your lead via text message and attempt to set up a phone call.


In a meeting? A Showing? Don’t worry, your leads will automatically be followed up with by real people! 

Most agents will stop following up with leads after one or two attempts, but there is often a response around the third or fourth attempt to contact a lead. That's where your concierge comes in. We will keep attempting to follow up, and once the lead responds, we are there to qualify them! 

This also weeds out people who already have an agent, so you can take the time to work with leads who are truly interested!

We'll also follow up with leads generated from other sources, you can easily route them in and our concierge will take care of those for you too!

You can claim leads when you are ready to take over the conversation. You will receive urgent requests from the concierge when that time comes, so you don't miss a beat in the conversation. 

Give us a call to try it out 844-413-1615 :) 

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