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How can I refer out unwanted leads?

This feature is only available for clients based in the United States. 

The Referral Feature allows you the ability to refer leads that you don’t want to work to other agents. It is completely managed by us, all you have to do is press “refer” and watch the progress in your account.

  • Refer the leads you don't want, automatically.
  • The referral process is totally managed by us.
  • Watch the deal progress in your BoldLeads account.
  • Make passive income when the deal closes.

1. How do I sign up?

You can easily sign up in the Account Settings section of your BoldLeads account. All you need to do is submit your information so we can send you a referral agreement and get you started. The referral agreement will need to be signed by you and your broker to ensure you are paid and is active for one year from the date you sign it. 


2. When do I get paid?

You will be paid via check within 10 days of a closed deal with your referral lead.

3. How do I refer a lead?

Select a lead that you wish to refer, by clicking the “Refer” button next to a lead. (Does not appear for leads older than 7 days).


The lead is then moved into the “Your Referrals” page (under Leads tab).


Each lead has a progress bar indicating status.


If we approve, the lead(s) are then sent to referral partner.

If a referred lead results in a closed deal, we will forward the commision amount to the client.

4. Why is the “Refer” button grayed out?

The lead is not eligible to refer.

5. Which leads are eligible to be referred? 

  • Leads must be less than 7 days old in the system
  • Imported leads cannot be referred out
  • Only full leads (no partial or address captures) can be referred out
  • Leads routed in via email routing can be referred out

Go to LEADS>REFERRAL LEADS in your account.

6. Can I choose the agent a lead is referred to?

No, the referral is made to our trusted referral network partner, who manages the transaction from then on out.

7. Can I receive referrals?

Not at this time. Leads can only be referred out.  

8. How do I track a lead’s progress?

You can track progress in the "Referral Leads" section of your account.



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