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How Can I Merge Duplicate Leads?

Do you have a lead who submitted your Landing Page once?  Twice?  Thrice?

No problem!  You can merge the duplicate leads together!  This is the best practice for handling duplicate leads so you don't lose any information and it will prevent the lead from receiving duplicate messages.

About Merging Leads

When you merge a duplicate Lead into the original Lead, all the information will be recorded as a note in the original Lead's Timeline.  You won't lose any personal information from the duplicate Lead.

The Original Lead will retain all the fields information and will not be overwritten by the duplicate Lead's information.  However, if the field is blank in the original lead, the duplicate Lead's information may get inserted.

How Do I Merge The Leads?

Before you start, know which Lead will be your 'original' and remember that you are going to merge the other lead INTO your 'original' Lead.

STEP 1:  Find the Duplicate Lead that you would like to merge.


STEP 2:  Click the Lead's name to access the Lead's Detail View.

STEP 3:  Scroll down and below the Other Information section, click the Merge Lead link.


STEP 4:  In the dialogue box that appears, search for the original Lead you are merging into.

STEP 5:  Select the checkbox for the original lead and click the button Merge Selected Leads.


That's it!  From two leads to one!  You will now see a note added to the original Lead's Timeline with all of the information for your duplicate Lead and your original Lead.


IMPORTANT!  If you have more duplicates, just follow the same process mentioned above until you are left with one lead.

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