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How Do I Manage Tasks?

How Do I Search for Tasks?

There are several ways to search for tasks. This is important to know as you grow your list of tasks or if more agents are added to the account.

Use the search bar located at the top of your Task List labeled “Search tasks”.

Here you can search for a lead’s name by just typing in the first, last, or first and last name.

You can search for a specific keyword in the task if you are looking for a group of related tasks.

Or, you can search for tasks based on the due date by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the header labeled “DUE”.

How Do I Export Tasks?

Exporting tasks may be needed for various reasons at various times. This is a simple process that can be done from the “Choose Actions” drop-down located at the top of your Task List. Before exporting, make sure to select the task or tasks you would like to export by clicking the checkbox on the left-hand side of each task. You can quickly select all tasks by selecting the main checkbox located at the top-left of the Task List.

After clicking the “Export” option in the drop-down, a file will be added to the downloads section of your browser.

How Can I Find an Agent’s Tasks?

Filtering by agents is the most efficient way to manage a team of agents. This will allow you to see the workload for each agent and review their tasks. It can also be beneficial to know if an agent is booked so additional tasks can be reassigned accordingly.

Use the drop-down located at the top of the Task List labeled “Filter By Agent”.

You can then choose from a list of all available agents or choose to view all of the tasks.

How Do I Make Changes to Tasks?

There are a lot of options available for making changes to tasks and it can be done from a few different locations. Tasks can be changed from the Timeline inside the lead record, the Tasks panel inside the lead record, from the Task List by clicking the pencil icon, or in bulk on the Task List.

Inside of the lead’s record, there will be a Timeline showing all activity with this lead. Including any tasks that have been created.

Clicking on the edit link will display a pop-up window that allows you to change the lead’s name, task information, date and time, and the reminder.

Also, from inside the lead’s record, you have the ability to easily complete a task. This is located in the Tasks Panel labeled “Tasks” on the left-hand side, just below the Personal Information Panel. There’s also a quick access link to the Task List here.

From inside the Task Lists section, there will be three icons for each task. The green checkmark will complete the task, the brown pencil icon will allow you to edit the task, and the red trash can icon will delete the task.

IMPORTANT! Tasks cannot be restored once they are deleted. If a lead is deleted, the task or tasks associated with that lead will be deleted also.

The last way to edit tasks is in bulk. This drop-down is located at the top of the Task List labeled “Choose Actions”. Here you will have the ability to delete, export, or mark as completed. You will be prompted to confirm the “Delete” and “Move to Completed” options before the action will be processed.

Can I Sync Tasks to My Google Calendar?

Yes! You can sync the tasks in BoldLeads into your Google Calendar making it easier to manage if you aren’t in the office or in front of a computer. This feature can be enabled from inside the Account Settings tab in My Settings. There will be a section located on the lower right-hand side labeled “Sync with Google Calendar:” to complete the connection.

After clicking on the button labeled “Connect To Google”, you will be redirected to a new Gmail screen to login. Once logged in, you will be prompted to allow to manage your calendars. Just click to allow and the setup is complete. Remember this will need to be done for each agent if they have separate Gmail accounts.

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