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Instant Valuation vs. CloudCMA vs. Market Snapshot

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is an important part of the home selling process.

All seller leads will require a CMA be sent.

Boldleads offers three options to automatically send a CMA. (If it's not sent automatically, you have to send it manually to all Seller Leads.)

  • Instant Valuation
  • CloudCMA
  • Market Snapshot

So, which one is better?

There is no finite answer. All three CMA automation tools will successfully send CMAs to your seller leads. Choosing one over the other really depends on the experience you want to provide your leads.

Some agents prefer to give the valuation instantly while other agents feel that offering an immediate value would deter the lead from picking up the phone and prefer to send the valuation after the lead has engaged in a conversation.  

The chart below provides a comparison between the Instant Valuation (for U.S. clients), CloudCMA, and Market Snapshot. We've also linked several sample reports.

You can read more about our CMA options in this help article.


Delivery Method

Instant Valuation:  Nothing is sent to the lead - The value is displayed on the last page of the Landing Page.

CloudCMA:  Sent automatically from within the Funnel of your choosing. You can send manually as well.

Market Snapshot:  Sent automatically from within the Funnel of your choosing.


Report Feature

Instant Valuation:  Home value based on tax records, public data, recently sold prices, and Eppraisal.

CloudCMA:  Does not show estimate values but rather shows an average of comps in a proximity.  A large report that can be a 50+ page PDF report.  

Market Snapshot:  A 2-Page interactive report that shows a value based on homes with similar features such as size, beds, and baths.



Instant Valuation:  None

CloudCMA:  Report customizations can be made through your CloudCMA Account.  Funnel Emails can be customized as well.

Market Snapshot:  Market Snapshots can't be customized nor can the Funnel Emails that send them.



Instant Valuation:  Value is static and will not change.  It is not recommended to send the estimated Instant Value out after 60 days.

CloudCMA:  Can be resent every 30, 60 or 90 days automatically.

Market Snapshot:  Defaulted to send out every 2 weeks but can be changed from within your Market Snapshot Account.


Sample Report

Instant Valuation:


Market Snapshot:



Instant Valuation:  Free - Account already created for you.

CloudCMA:  $20 per month with the BoldLeads Discount.

Market Snapshot:  $64.99 per month with the BoldLeads Discount



Instant Valuation:  Only available in the US.

CloudCMA:  Support depends on your MLS.  You can view a list of the current supported MLS Providers here: 

Market Snapshot:  Support depends on your MLS.  You can view a list of the current supported MLS Providers here (Just click on the 'Add To Cart' button for Market Snapshot):



Instant Valuation:  Manually add to emails

CloudCMA:  Use Quick CMA button inside a Lead’s Detail View

Market Snapshot:  Can only resend within your Market Snapshot Account.



Instant Valuation:  This will already be set up with your Seller Account

CloudCMA:  Sign up through your Settings under the CloudCMA tab.

Market Snapshot:  Sign up through your Settings under the Market Snapshot tab.

Detail View entry for Cloud CMA


Detail View entry for Market Snapshot


Detail View entry for Instant Valuation



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