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How Do I Turn Off a Funnel?

Occasionally, it makes sense to turn off a Funnel.

But, proceed with caution! 

To turn off an entire Funnel, all the messages (email and text) inside the Funnels will need to be disabled.

Follow these steps to disable your Funnels:

Step 1: Click on Funnels > View Funnels.


Step 2: Click the View/Edit icon next to the Funnel you intend to turn off.


Step 3: Click on the checkbox next to the emails.

Step 4: Click the Choose Action drop-down. A drop-down menu will appear.


Step 5: Click Enable/Disable.  Once updated, under the column 'Enabled' all selected messages will be set to 'No'.

IMPORTANT!  If you delete a Funnel and change your mind later, it will take 48-72 business hours to have the Default Funnel restored. When the Funnel is added back, it will revert to the original content and settings - any changes you’ve made to your Funnel will not be restored.

We recommend disabling Funnels rather than deleting!




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