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What's a Zillow API Key?

Under your Account Settings, there's a box titled Zillow API Key - you may be wondering what that is and how to use it! 

A Zillow API Key is used to generate a range of values for the Instant Home Evaluations used on the Seller Landing Page.  The API Key allows BoldLeads to access Zillow data for those Instant Home Valuations.

IMPORTANT!  This is only available for US Agents.  Canadian Agents will need to send out a Home Valuation to each lead.

How to Add Your Zillow API to BoldLeads?

The BoldLeads team will already have a Zillow API Key added into your Account but if you would like to use your own, you definitely can!  Here are the instructions for adding your API Key into BoldLeads:

STEP 1:  Hover over My Settings in the upper-right and click on the Account Settings option in the drop-down.


STEP 2:  Scroll down to locate the field titled Zillow API Key and paste in your API Key.


STEP 3:  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save Settings button.



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