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Funnels Tab

The main Funnels tab page lists all the Funnels in your account.

Each lead is assigned to a Funnel automatically based on the Landing Page the lead was generated from. However, not all of these Funnels may be in use and are provided for special circumstances.  

Main Page:

The main page will display a list of all your Funnels.  It will include the trigger or how the Funnel is initiated.  There is a column for Landing Page that will give you a quick reference to the Landing Page associated with the Funnel.  Following are the Funnel's quick stats showing you how many Leads, Emails, CMA, Voicemails, and Text are in that specific Funnel.  Lastly, you will find icons View/Edit, Duplicate, or Delete a Funnel.


Access/Edit Funnel:

From within the Funnel, there are a number of features available for making customizations.  You can choose when Funnel Messages are allowed to send out.  Using the 'Choose Action' drop-down located at the top of the list there is the ability to add/remove the signature, add/remove the unsubscribe link, enable/disable a message, or delete.

You can make edits to any of the existing messages using the pencil icon or preview with the eye icon.  Delete messages using the red trash icon.  IMPORTANT!  Deleted Items are not recoverable!  Disable the message rather than deleting.


Add Messages:

You can add additional messages using the corresponding buttons at the top of the list labeled 'New Email', 'New Text (SMS)', 'New Task', or 'New Voicemail'.

A quick way to add additional messages is by duplicating an existing message and simply changing the content in the duplicate.


Add Emails:

When creating an Email, you can choose the type of email, set the status of that particular email, add a title, choose the interval for when to send, and choose who you want this to be sent to.  Enter a subject line that your leads will see and the content of your email.  Lastly, choose the signature option, adding an unsubscribe link, or if you want to include an attachment.


Add SMS (Text Message):

When creating a Text, set the status of the text, enter a message title, choose when it should be sent and, who it should be sent to.  Lastly, create the content of your text message.


Add Task:

When creating a Task, choose the status for the task, add a Task title, select when the Task should be created, and who the task should be created for.  Enter in the Task information of what you want to be reminded of.  Finally, select when the task is due after being created and then select when you want to receive a reminder email.


Add Voicemail:

When creating a new Voicemail, first select the Funnel that you want it to be added to.  The Funnel you are currently in will be the default.  Choose that status, enter a message title, and add in the callback phone number.  Next, you can either record a new message or upload an existing MP3 file you already have.  Finally, choose when to send the voicemail, who it should send to, and select a time restriction if applicable.


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