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Where's My Landing Page?

Looking for your Landing Page?

Follow these instructions to locate it:

STEP 1:  Hover over the Landing Pages tab and select View Landing Pages in the drop-down.


STEP 2:  In the row that lists your Landing Page, click the Preview button (the eye icon).


STEP 3:  Your Landing Page will open in a new tab.  


This is a great time to enter your information on the Landing Page so that you can experience what your Leads experience.  

Still, don't see your Landing Page?

Did you create a new one on your own?

If you created your own Landing Page and do not see it under View Landing Pages, it may take 3-4 hours for it to show up on the servers. We suggest checking back later after waiting a few hours.

If you recently created the Landing Page and it does not appear under View Landing Pages, it may take about an hour for our servers to recognize it.  Often times, reloading your screen or clearing the browser cache will help. 

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