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Seller Lead Scripts and Best Practices

Follow these tips when engaging Seller Leads.

For more, download the full guide with scripts at the bottom of this article. 

Call your Leads immediately after being notified.

Calling within the first five minutes after receiving the lead increases the odds substantially that you will engage the lead. The thinking behind calling them within the first five minutes is you know they are available. They are not driving their kids to soccer practice, at church, fixing dinner, shopping; no, they are not doing any of that. They are on their device or computer wondering what their home is worth. What better time to call!

Set up your Seller Leads to receive property updates/listing alerts. Market them as Live Comps. Your prospects want to know when a home in their neighborhood hits the market.

Deliver your value proposition (Find Out What Your Home is Worth) for every lead.

Make sure every lead receives a valuation of their property.

Continue to call your leads. Text your leads. Email your leads.

The more times you attempt to engage your prospects the more likely you are to get a response. Follow up is key. It’s a numbers game. It all comes down to how many Leads you have and how many times you try to engage them. In this case, more is better.

Utilize our blast email and blast text tools to engage your leads by phone and email.

A large part of your follow up should consist of incubation. Most homeowners take six to nine months before they are ready to sell their home or even talk about it. You need to incubate these potential home sellers with quarterly CMAs, phone calls and emails. If they say they will be ready to talk in six months, call them in three!

Provide your serious leads with a pre-listing package or presentation.

Don’t forget your ultimate goal. If you see an opportunity, take it!

Add your Leads to your Direct Mail Campaign.

Don’t be afraid to door knock your Leads. You will usually get a much warmer reception at the front door than you will over the phone.

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