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Buyer Lead Scripts


  • Buyer Leads that Received a List of Homes
  • Meet You At The House

  • Meet For Coffee

  • Make Sure You Got It

  • Buyer Call Back Script 1

  • Buyer Call Back Script 2

  • Objections and Rebuttals

 (Want a paper copy of these scripts? There's an attachment at the bottom of this article.)


Buyer Leads that received a List of Homes:

“Hi, is (Lead Name) available?”

“Hi ( Lead Name). This is (your name). I’m calling to make sure you received the list of (Luxury Properties/Foreclosures) you requested on line.”

(wait for answer) Yes/No/Not sure

If Yes:

“Oh good, you just never know with spam filters. Did you get a chance to look at the list? Anything catch your eye?”

If No:

“That’s why I always call. I want to make sure you receive the information. Here is the email I have for you: Is that right? (no matter what the answer) I will resend you the list.”

If Not sure:

“Oh, that’s fine. Do you want to check? I can send it again if you like. This is the email I have for you: Is that right? I will resend you the list.”

“I also would be happy to send you updates to the list so that you don’t miss any properties.” (wait for a response)

“Great. Check your email and I will get those to you. If you see a property that looks interesting, I’d be happy to show it to you. You can text, email or call me.

It was good talking to you.”

Meet You At The House:

Hello, prospect name? My name is your name, and you were just on my website looking at homes. I am available today and if you want to meet me at any of the houses you were looking at I would be more than happy to open a door for you.

Is there anything you would like to see today?

Meet For Coffee:

Hello prospect name, my name is Thomas and you just signed up for a list of luxury homes in (name your city) and I wanted to make sure you got it.

No/Yes Well, okay then, let's make it easy. I already have your email. Let me sign you up on Listing Alerts, better than any list, and it delivers all luxury homes that hit the market to you by email with property details and price, sound good?

Great, what's your price range? Bedrooms and bathrooms? Okay, all set! Your alerts should hit your email tomorrow.

Real quick, do you have a realtor and are you looking to buy in the near future?

Would you like to meet for coffee or at my office to talk about your future purchase or even set up a tour to look at houses?

Okay, have a great day!

Make Sure You Got It:

"Hello (lead name)?

You were just on my website requesting a list of foreclosure homes, did you get it yet? I just want to make sure. Look, I'm sorry to bother you with a phone call but this is what I do. I'm not looking to sell you anything, I just wanted to make sure you got the information you were looking for. I will send you homes for sale by email when they hit the market.

Is there anything else I can do for you, or do you have any questions I can answer?

Buyer Call Back Script 1:

"Hello (lead name)?

My name is (your name), you probably don't remember but you were on my website looking for a list of homes a few weeks ago. I'm not calling to sell you something. Real quick, are you still shopping for a home?"

Then, based on what they say, it's choosing your own adventure.

Buyer Call Back Script 2:

"Hello (lead name)?

My name is (your name), I'm a real estate agent, but I want you to know I'm not looking to sell you anything, okay? Real quick, I want to know if you are still looking for a home or have any you want to see right now?”

And again, based on what they say, it's choosing your own adventure.


Objections and Rebuttals 

Just Looking – Not Interested – Just Curious

The alert on your phone goes off and you have a lead. What do you do? You call the lead right away, that's what you do. Sometimes they answer. The first words out of your mouth, in that instant, and the next 30 seconds, is called a Cold Call Conversion. Ideally, it moves your call process forward and allows you to present a value proposition or ask a question before the prospect can shut you down.

And it is at this time when your prospect throws up an objection; something that keeps you from moving forward in your call process.

Whenever the prospect says "I'm just curious," or "I'm not interested" or "who the heck are you and how did you get my information?" that is their natural reaction to a cold call.

Everyone likes to buy stuff but no one wants to get sold. Those words out of their mouths are their first wall of defense. It is a fluff objection and one you should always be ready for.


A lot of objections occur after the value proposition or questions are asked: " give you a better number I wanted to ask you, have you made any improvements that would impact the value of your home?"


"Oh no, I was just thank you!" (One of the most common, as is Not Interested.)

***Now you have to jump in right away before they hang up.


"Don't worry, I'm not looking to sell you anything! (Raise your hands up to show them they are empty, even though you are on the phone. That's the feeling you want to convey, momentarily harmless.) I just want to make sure you get the information you are looking for, I'm not looking to list or sell anything.

But maybe I can earn your business down the about I set you up for Listing Alerts, so every time a house that fits your criteria hits the market your notified via email, in real time, showing price and property details. Does that sound good?"

Now you are getting permission to market to your prospect by setting them up on Listing Alerts/Property Updates/Auto Emails and you can call them about those homes, or others like them, when they go up for sale and you can continue to market to that prospect and warm them up.

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