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How Boldleads Works

Welcome to BoldLeads!

This is our Beginner's Guide to getting started with BoldLeads. The good news is, most of the initial set-up and first steps are handled by our BoldLeads Team!

So, here's how it works: 

The BoldLeads Team will create your Ads, post them to Facebook, and manage the entire Ad Campaign. 

When a Lead sees and clicks on the Ad, they are taken to your corresponding Landing Page.

  • Buyer Leads are prompted to enter information about the home they’re looking to purchase and are alerted that a list of homes is being emailed to them.
  • Seller Leads are prompted to enter information about the home they're looking to sell. Leads in the US are provided with an Instant Home Valuation. Leads in Canada are alerted that an agent will reach out to them shortly.

Once a Lead submits their information, the BoldLeads System sends you an Email and Text Notification.

New Leads are immediately added to your BoldLeads CRM and assigned to a Funnel. Leads are automatically assigned to a Funnel based on which Landing Page was submitted.


A Funnel is a series of Emails and SMS Text Messages that are automatically sent over a pre-determined period time. Funnels are also commonly known as an autoresponder series or drip campaign. The first Funnel message is sent immediately after the lead is added to your BoldLeads CRM.

About the Buyer Funnels:

Buyer Funnels include a link to a list of available homes in the lead's area. These are automatically generated from your Buyer Links.

About the Seller Funnels:

Seller Funnels require you to either manually or automatically send a CMA between the second and third email. The CMA can be created by a tool you are currently using and then sent via email or another option is to set up the CMA to send out automatically. We can integrate with CloudCMA and Market Snapshot to do this. This can be set up from within your BoldLeads Account.  

Call! Text! Call again! Text again! Follow-up is key. Develop a relationship so Leads come to you when they’re ready to buy, sell or refer someone to you.


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