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Customize Your Account

Become a real lead on your landing page
At the top of your Boldleads dashboard cursor over Landing Pages, a drop-down menu will appear, click on View Landing Pages. On the right side of the page click on the View button, it looks like an eyeball. Your Landing Page will appear. Fill out all the fields with your information and become a real lead.

Review your funnel content
Cursor over Funnels, a drop-down menu will appear and click on View Funnels. You will have a variety of funnels. Look for the funnel attached to your landing page. Under the landing page column in the gray title bar, you will see which landing pages are attached to your funnels. Select the View button, it looks like an eyeball. All auto responder funnel messaging will appear and can be viewed and edited. Preview each email with the view icon on the right, or edit with the pencil icon.

Review and edit your Email Default Signature
Click on Settings. Scroll down the page to the default signature block in the white area on the right side of the page. Edit your signature information, plain text only.

Enable Two-Way Email System
Click on Settings. Scroll down the page just below the default signature. To enable the Two-Way Email System click the radio button. This will allow lead replies to populate in the lead detail page. Replies will also be sent to your email client.

Customize Statuses
Click on Settings. Select Statuses along the left side of the page. Edit and customize to best reflect your process.

Lead Intelligence Settings
Click on Settings. Scroll down and select the Lead Intelligence tab on the left side of the page. Select the appropriate setting for enhanced leads.

Connect your Google Calendar
Click on Settings. Scroll down to Sync with Google Calendar. Click Connect to Google. This will sync your Boldleads tasks with your existing Google Calendar. Make sure Google Calendar is downloaded to your mobile device.

Add Your Logo to Landing Pages 

Click on Account Settings. Scroll down the page on the right side to Company Logo. Click “Upload.” Select the image you want to use and crop it to your liking before clicking “Save,” then “Upload.” Check the landing page to ensure your logo looks how you want it. To delete the image, hover over the logo in your Account Settings and click on the X.


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