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How Do I Change the Email Address Email Replies Are Sent To?


Are your leads getting routed to the wrong email address? Have a new email address or a new admin? You've come to the right spot!   

Before you start making changes, there are a few details that are important to note.

Important Note about your Email Address  

Your BoldLeads Login Email Address is the same email address that receives your Lead's replies. If you change the login email address, a lead's email reply will go to the new email address.


Previously sent Funnel Emails will continue to be coded with the old email address, which means their replies will be sent to the old email address. We recommend you check the old email address periodically.     

To change your BoldLeads Login Email Address, click here.

Please note, Lead Notifications are sent to a separate email address. To change your Lead Notification settings, click here

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