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How Do I Enable or Disable A Funnel Email?

Enabling or disabling an email in your Boldleads Account is a simple process. You have the ability to enable or disable any email message in a funnel.  If there is an email message inside a funnel that is no longer useful, you have the ability to disable that email.  In fact, deleting is not recommended because deleted emails cannot be recovered.

Important Note! We highly recommend you choose to disable emails instead of deleting them. Once an email is deleted, it cannot be recovered. 

Follow these instructions to disable or enable an Email:

  1. Login to your Boldleads Account.
  2. Navigate to Funnels > View Funnels.
  3. Open the Funnel that contains the Email you'd like to edit.
  4. Click on the Eyeball Icon in the View Edit Column.
  5. Locate the Email you would like to disable or enable.
  6. Click the Pencil Icon in the Edit Column.
  7. Click on the box under Choose Status 
  8. Scroll to bottom and click Save this Message 
  9. You're now done!






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