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How To Create A Funnel

Creating additional Funnels are a great way to customize the follow-up messages for a group of leads.  Your Boldleads Account offers you the ability to create multiple follow-up Funnels at no additional cost.

The instructions below will show you on how to set up the Funnel:

Step 1: Click Funnels > View Funnels.

Step 2: Create a new Funnel by clicking "Create New Funnel" or duplicate an existing Funnel by clicking the icon in the Duplicate column, next to the Funnel you would like to model after.





Step 3: Create a new title.

Step 4: Select a trigger.

  • Completed Form = Leads will receive the next message based on the date the lead was created.
  • Manually Enable = Leads assigned to the funnel will always start receiving the messages at the start of the funnel.

Step 5: Assign to a Landing Page. 

IMPORTANT!  If you would like all leads captured through a specific Landing Page to be automatically assigned to this Funnel, select the Landing Page name.  We recommend setting this later if an active Landing Page is selected. Otherwise, the leads will immediately be assigned to this Funnel when the messages may not be ready yet.  This Landing Page/Funnel assignment is located inside the Landing Page settings and can be adjusted at any time.

Step 6: Click "Create Funnel"





 At this time; new emails, SMS, tasks or voice broadcast can be created. 


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