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Why Don't All Phone Numbers and Emails Work?

Emails and phone numbers are crucial to any real estate professional's pipeline!

So why are some phone numbers and some emails not working?

When a lead enters your Landing Page, they are prompted to enter their personal contact information. Leads are free to enter the phone number or email of their choosing. Which means they can provide a false phone number or email address. 

The BoldLeads system tries to combat this behavior by requiring that the email and phone number have appropriate formatting such as "" or "555-555-5555". This is the extent of validation for these fields though.

Getting Passed Invalid Lead Data

There are other ways to determine and then validate the lead's correct information. We use Lead Intelligence, a BoldLeads add-on that will automatically scan for additional contact information across all captured leads.

Learn more about Lead Intelligence here.

IMPORTANT!  Don't forget to use other research methods to gather additional information.  This can be done through county records, your MLS, or brokerage provided services.

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