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How Do I Change The Email Or Text Notification Settings?

Business changes and so can your processes. In your Boldleads Account, you can change your Lead Notification Settings at any time.  Please read the full article on all points related to this topic.

How to change the email or text notifications settings:

Step 1: In the top-level navigation hover over on My Settings and click Account Settings.

Step 2: From there scroll down until you see Default Lead Notification Settings

Step 3: Make necessary changes (See Important! note below)

Step 4: Once changes are made be sure to hit "Save!"

Important! Please note these notifications will appear on all landing pages by default. If you need to customize a specific landing page that BoldLeads is advertising for you that you do not have access to in your account, please reach out to Support for help.



Add Additional Phone Numbers or Emails

You have the ability to add up to three emails and three phone numbers for each Landing Page. You can add any combination of email addresses and phone numbers for additional team members, assistants, or partners. The Lead Notification fields are located in the Landing Page Settings.

Routing Leads into Another CRM

If you would like to route your BoldLeads over to another CRM, this would be the area of your account where you list those routing emails. We do not integrate with many other CRMs via an API key, so routing email is always best. Keep in mind only three emails and three phone numbers per landing page though.

Important Note About Your Login Email Address

The login email address and the email address that we send your lead’s replies to are the same email.  If you change the login email address, your Lead’s replies will go to the new email address and it will become your new login email. Your login email can be changed from the Settings Tab.

Agent Seat Notifications

If you have an Agent Seat attached to your account, there are different instructions to update those notifications. Please reach out to our Support Team and we’ll walk you through the Agent Seat Notification change process.

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