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What's the Two Way Email System?

The beauty of the Boldleads Marketing engine lies in our two-way email system! 

The Boldleads two-way email system documents all email correspondence at the lead level. Emails are recorded in the timeline of a lead's profile and can be accessed at any time.


Step 1: Enable the Two-Way Email System

  1. Log in to your Boldleads Account.
  2. Navigate to the Settings Tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Two-Way Email System section. 
  4. Click on the circle underneath Enable.


Where do I Access the Emails?

Anytime a lead responds to a Funnel email or an email sent from a lead profile, the Boldleads System will log their reply. Boldleads users are then able to respond to that email directly from the lead profile view, keeping all communication in one nice, neat central hub.

Step 1: Navigate to a lead's profile:


Step 2: Scroll through the timeline of Emails. To reply, click the Reply button. 

Step 3: Each Lead is assigned a unique string email address. This allows the two-way email system to work with every email client (Outlook, Gmail, etc ...) The unique email string will show when a Lead replies to one of your messages.

Note: The Boldleads User will receive a copy of each email in their personal inbox as well.


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