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Can I Add My Own Branding to a Funnel Email?

Branding your Funnel emails is not only a great idea, we encourage it!

There are two ways to brand the Funnel emails. One is through the Funnel email content and the other is in your Default Email Signature.

We give you the opportunity to brand these two key areas because the Funnel Emails are plain text only. We deliver plain-text emails only for one simple and important reason: they perform better!  We see higher delivery rates for your email when they are plain text and do not contain any HTML or styling.

In other words, you spend less time in the Spam section of your lead’s inbox and more time increasing opens and click-through rates!

Check out these three BoldLeads Help Articles for step-by-step instructions on branding your Funnel Emails:

Add links to your default email signature

Edit your default email signature

Edit a funnel message

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