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How are Leads Assigned to a Funnel?


One of the best features of the BoldLeads System is our automated lead follow-up feature!



Getting the right follow-up process in place - and as quickly as possible - keeps your Leads interested and engaged from the moment they express an interest.


Built-In Automation

Your BoldLeads Account is set up so that incoming Leads are automatically assigned a Funnel based on the Landing Page they submitted.

In general, here’s how the BoldLeads system breaks down the assignments:

Seller Campaign

The Landing Page for the Seller Campaign will be named Default Seller and is already configured to add your Leads to the 'Home Valuation Follow Up (no cma)' Funnel automatically.

Buyer Campaign

The Landing Page for the Buyer Campaign will be named Default Buyer and is already configured to add your Leads to the 'Exclusive List Follow Up' Funnel automatically.

Can I change the Funnel that a Landing Page is assigned to?

You sure can!  Just follow these steps to update the Funnel assigned to your Landing Page:

STEP 1:  Hover over the Landing Pages tab and click on the View Landing Pages in the drop-down option.


STEP 2:  Click the pencil icon next to the Landing Page that you would like to edit.


STEP 3:  Click on the bubble labeled 3. Settings.


STEP 4:  Scroll down to the section labeled Funnel & Status Settings.


STEP 5:  Select the new Funnel under 'Choose a follow-up Funnel:' 

STEP 6:  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Save Changes.




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