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Can I Use My Own Domain?

You certainly can!

Here's a quick example of how you would use your domain:

  • Your domain is
  • You update the settings of so that when someone types in they are taken to your site instead.

To use your own domain, you will need to make edits under your Domain Hosting Account; you don't need to make any updates to your BoldLeads Account.

Steps to Use Your Own Domain

The setup is different for every domain provider so the steps we provided are very general and broad.  For specific steps on how to set this up, contact your domain provider or check their support center for domain/URL masking or domain/URL forwarding.

STEP 1:  Login to your Domain Hosting Account. 

STEP 2:  Set the domain forwarding to the URL of your BoldLeads Landing Page (

STEP 3:  Copy your BoldLeads Landing Page domain URL (

STEP 4:  Paste your BoldLeads Landing Page domain in the appropriate field within the Settings of your Domain Hosting Account.

STEP 5:  The field is usually called "Forwarding" or "Redirecting."

STEP 6:  Once you copy and paste your Landing Page URL, remember to save your changes.

Test Your Domain

STEP 1:  Open up a new window in your browser.

STEP 2:  Type in the old URL to test whether the redirect works.  IMPORTANT!  It may take some time for the process the change.

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