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Seller Text Content:

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  • Instant Home Value Blast
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Seller Text Content:

Was the home evaluation we provided good enough or do you need a more accurate consultation?

Did you receive your market analysis? Do you need another?

Get a computerized estimate of your home's value at right now.

Have you made any improvements that would impact the value of your home?

Go to to find homes for sale in your neighborhood right now.

Reply back YES if you want a list of recently sold homes in your neighborhood emailed to you.

After selling your home are you looking to buy another?

Do you want local real estate market information, about homes in your neighborhood, sent to you?

Are you planning on selling your home in the next 3 months?

To get a fair market estimate of your home go to

Just Listed!

Just Sold!

If you have any questions about your home's value call or text me at "agent's phone number."

Simply call and say "This is (your name) with (your company name). I received your request for an accurate home evaluation and in order to complete it, I just need to take a brief tour of your home. When would be a good time for you? By the way, this is a free service with no obligation to list.“

Once the appointment is set: "By the way since I have you on the phone are you planning on making a move in the next 3-6 months?“

Seller Email Content

Instant Home Value Blast:


At one time you were on my website looking for a home evaluation, that's how I received your email address and contact information. If you want to know what your home's value is right now...


***includes low, medium and high estimates and property details like lot size and bedroom/bathrooms.

Remember, it is a computer-generated estimate and not all the comparables being used should be (some of them are probably too old.) If you want a precise market analysis, or you would like to discuss more, reply back to this email. You can call or text me at 888-888-8888.



Listing Alerts/Live Comps:


You were once on my website, looking for an estimate of your home's value. In fact, you can go there right now to get a computer-generated estimate of your home's value.

If you want a more accurate, real-time tool, to help you determine the market value of your home and the surrounding neighborhood check out Listing Alerts. They are like getting Live Comps delivered right to your email when they hit the market.

Go to to sign up now. Once you are there click on the button with the star that says "Saved Search." Put in your information and you are good to go.

If you would like to discuss more please reply back to this email. Or you can call or text me at 888-888-8888.


Listing Alerts/Live Comps #2 Blast:


You ended up on my website trying to establish your home's value.

Looking for a more accurate tool to help you determine market value for your home and the surrounding neighborhood? check out Listing Alerts. Whenever a house in your neighborhood hits the market, you are notified via email about price and property details. It's like getting live comps!

Go to


Soft Sell Services Blast:


Last time you were on my site, you were wondering about your home's value, that’s how I got your email and contact information. I know that your plans for selling may be a long way down the road.

My name is Agent Name, I’m a neighbor, and have been helping members of our community buy and sell real estate for years. I’m pretty good at it.

If you would like me to set up a quarterly update on your area with market information, provide a comprehensive market analysis of your home, or just a quick price over the phone or via email, please let me know with a reply back, call or text at 888-888-8888.


Just Listed:


This house just listed!

    House Address:
    List Date:
    List Price:

Just Sold Blast Email:


This house just sold!

    House Address:
    List Date:
    List Price:
    Sold Date:
    Sold Price:


No CMA Blast:


We have switched software to a more reliable and automated platform because we found our people were not getting the information or evaluations they requested. The new software will give you results immediately.

If you want to get a current computer-generated estimate of your home's value go to:

To be notified via email about new homes for sale as they hit the market in your neighborhood go to:

It's like getting live comps!

P.S: We are a full-service real estate team that is available seven days a week to discuss your real estate needs. Please feel free to call direct 888-888-8888


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