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Lead Intelligence

We're glad you asked! This article will give you a brief overview of the Lead Intelligence Add-On and how it can be used to enhance your lead generation activities.

What is Lead Intelligence?

Has your lead gone cold? If only there was some magic button out there that automatically pulled in additional information on a lead. Well, we've got something!

It’s called Lead Intelligence.

Lead Intelligence is an add-on in Boldleads that will automatically search, find, and append missing information on your leads. Lead Intelligence will work for the following types of leads:

  1. Leads generated from Boldleads
  2. Leads manually entered into the system
  3. Leads imported into the Boldleads system

How does Lead Intelligence work?  

The Lead Intelligence add-on scans information provided by the lead and attempts to find additional information such as:

  1. Additional names on the address
  2. Phone numbers
  3. Email addresses  

The additional information provided by Lead Intelligence is automated - saving you time and money. Lead Intelligence fills in the blanks, freeing you and your team up to the most important part of the business - converting a partial lead into a potential client!

How much does Lead Intelligence cost?

The feature was previously $99.00 per month but starting on December 11th, 2017 it is free!

Do I need to set anything up on my end?

Yes!  There are additional settings available in the 'Lead Intelligence' tab in your 'Account Settings' that you will want to review.

     1.  Hover your cursor over 'My Settings' in the top-right of your screen.

     2.  Click on the 'Account Settings' option in the drop-down menu.

     3.  Click on the 'Lead Intelligence' tab in the lower-left of your screen under ADD-ONS.


You can now choose what to do with the enhanced Address Captures and Partial Leads.  You will also have the options to add these "new' leads to a Funnel automatically, receive lead notifications when enhanced, and choose to enhance your previous Address Captures and Partial Leads.

  Depending on how many previous leads you have, this may take some time.

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