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Lead Intelligence

This article will give you a brief overview of Lead Intelligence and how it can be used to enhance your lead generation activities.

  • What is Lead Intelligence?
  • How does Lead Intelligence work?
  • How to Enable Lead Intelligence?
  • Following up with Your Enhanced Leads

What is Lead Intelligence?

Lead Intelligence automatically searches, finds, and appends missing or additional information about your leads. 

How does Lead Intelligence work?  

The Lead Intelligence feature scans information provided by the lead and attempts to find additional information such as:

  • Additional Names associated with the address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • More...

The additional information is then added to the Lead’s Detail View. Enhanced Leads will always have a green star next to the Lead’s Name. Partial Leads that were converted to Full Leads when more information was found will have a green flag next to their name.  


Here's an example of what information can be found with Lead Intelligence:



How to Enable Lead Intelligence?

STEP 1:  Hover your cursor over 'My Settings' in the top-right of your screen and click Account Settings in the drop-down.


STEP 2: Find “Enable Lead Intelligence.”


STEP 3: Click “Yes.”

IMPORTANT!  Lead enhancement is all done automatically, so accuracy is not guaranteed.


Following up with Your Enhanced Leads

Full Leads:

You may see leads where the phone number the lead provided is different than the number found by the Lead Intelligence feature.

  • Many of our agents will call all the numbers provided in an attempt to spark a conversation with the lead. 
  • Call right away! Find Buyer and Seller Scripts in the Training Section of your Account. 
  • Try sending a follow-up text after you've called.
  • Create and send a CMA.
  • Set Leads up on a saved search in your MLS Account.
  • Continue to call until you have a conversation. 
  • Add Leads to your direct mail campaigns.
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