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What's a Landing Page?

Here's the lowdown on landing pages!

 A landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive at or “land” on. It is also commonly known as a "lead capture page" or website. When a lead clicks on your online ad, they are sent to your landing page.

About Boldleads Landing Pages

Your Boldleads Landing Page is your lead generation engine. Once a visitor arrives on your Landing Page, they are prompted to enter their contact information and details about a home they're looking to buy or sell. Once a Lead enters their information, you will receive an email and text alerting you a new Lead has been generated. Their information will automatically appear in your Boldleads Account.

The Boldleads Support Team creates your Landing Pages for your initial campaigns. The Landing Page(s) are set up and aligned with our ad strategy. Our Marketing Team developed the Boldleads ad strategy after extensive testing and millions of dollars of campaign data. 

Below is an example of the lead capture process. You can also see examples of the Buyer and Seller Campaign Landing Pages.


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