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How do I connect a CRM that Boldleads doesn't integrate with?

We can send your Boldleads leads to other CRM providers using a routing email. Your other CRM provider can provide this to you. Paste the routing email into the Lead Notification Settings field when editing your Landing Page. When it is added, a copy of your incoming leads will be sent to your other CRM.

Your routing email will look like this example:

Please consult with your other provider for the correct routing email. Follow the instructions below to activate the connection.

Important! Any leads in your Boldleads CRM before the connection is established may NOT automatically transfer over retroactively.


Steps: Account ---> Landing Pages ---> Edit ---> Lead Notification Settings



This integration pushes Boldleads leads to your other CRM. If your CRM isn't listed here, you can still integrate your systems by forwarding your other CRM's leads into Boldleads. We call it Email Routing. Learn how here.

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