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How Do I Reassign or Disable A Funnel for A Lead?

Your BoldLeads Account is set up so that incoming Leads are automatically assigned a Funnel based on the Landing Page where they filled out the form (or where you captured their lead information).

How to Disable or Assign a Lead to a Different Funnel

Editing or changing a Funnel for an existing Lead happens in the Leads View section.  Directions are below.  

IMPORTANT! If a Lead is assigned to a Funnel with the Form Completed trigger, they will receive the email that corresponds to the time in which the Lead completed the form.

That might be a little confusing, so let’s simplify it with an example:

  • Sarah submitted her information to a Landing Page.
  • Three weeks later, you decide to switch Sarah from Funnel 1 to Funnel 2.
  • Funnel 2 sends an email every week.
  • Sarah will now receive the third week’s email from Funnel 2.
  • If Sarah was assigned to a Funnel with the Manually Enabled trigger, she will start receiving the first email in the series.

Steps to Enable or Disable the Funnel for a lead:

Step 1: Find the Lead from the list.

Step 2: Red indicates the Funnel is Disabled and Green indicates the Funnel is Enabled. Click on it, select the default funnel in the drop-down menu, and it will turn green.


Steps to Reassign a Lead to a different Funnel:

Step 1:  Find the Lead from the list.

Step 2:  Click the button in the Funnel column and turn off the Funnel that Lead is currently assigned to.  If the Lead's Funnel is already turned off, go to the next step.


Step 3:  Click on the button in the Funnel column again.  A drop-down of the available Funnels will appear.


Step 4:  Select the Funnel you wish to assign.


Done!  The lead is now assigned to a new funnel.





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