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What's an Instant Home Valuation?

What's an Instant Home Evaluation?

Great question!  This article will give you a brief overview of the Instant Home Evaluation and how it can be used in your BoldLeads Landing Pages.

What it is:

When a lead enters an address into a Seller Landing Page, our system sends them an estimated value of the address requested.  This is called the Instant Home Valuation.

How is it generated?

The Instant Home Values are generated through a database of valuations that have been collected from tax records, recently sold prices, and public data.  We also attempt to generate a value range via an API with Eppraisal when it's available and list it as a second opinion for your leads to compare.

What happens after it’s generated?

Once the Lead receives their Instant Home Evaluation, they are informed that an Approved Local Expert (you!) will follow up with a more detailed report in the form of a CMA.

Your Instant Home Valuation Landing Page will display the following:

Property Information:


A Value:


What about Canada?

Unfortunately, Instant Home Valuations are not available for Canadian properties and therefore are not used for BoldLeads' Canadian clients.

IMPORTANT!  Homes in newer or rural areas may not have a Instant Home Valuation available. If a value does not appear for a Lead, we strongly encourage you to create a CMA specific for that address to provide to your lead. Though computers are amazing, they are not always accurate. Many of our agents find this to be a great conversation starter. 


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