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How Do I Change the List of Homes My Leads Receive?

Do your Leads want a different list of homes?

Good news, it's a pretty straightforward change to make in the system.  All you need to do is update the Buyer Links in the Buyer Links tab of your Account Settings. 

STEP 1:  Navigate to the Settings tab in your BoldLeads Account.


STEP 2:  Click the Buyer Links tab in the left column.


STEP 3:  Follow the instructions on the right side of the screen.  You can find additional instruction on how to change the list of homes in this BoldLeads Help Article


STEP 4:  Paste in your Buyer Link into the field labeled 'List of all homes in your target city'.


IMPORTANT!  We highly recommend shortening your link.  This can be done using Bitly or TinyURL:

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