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What's a Buyer Link?

A Buyer Link is a list of homes for sale in your target city.

The link is created by using the search functionality on your real estate website or using your MLS account. A link is created by refining a home search to specific types of properties available in your target area. By taking the URL or Link associated with that web page and adding it to your BoldLeads Account will provide the leads with access to those search results.

This link is used in your Funnels and is known as the Buyer Link. It must be up-to-date in your Account; otherwise, the leads will not be receiving a list of properties.

The first email a lead receives is shown below:


Buyer Link 101

Here are some common facts, issues, and tips about your Buyer Link. The most common issue is when leads say they didn’t receive the Buyer Link. No need to panic! It happens. In nearly every case, the email with the Buyer Link was sent, but your lead did not see it.

This can be checked quickly and resent by going to the email in the lead’s timeline. Copy the Buyer Link from the email and paste it into a new email to resend to the lead.


Another common issue is a lead saying the Buyer Link is not working. Frequently this is the result of the MLS Provider expiring the link or an update to your website/IDX search that broke the link.  Troubleshoot by copying the Buyer Link that was sent to your lead and paste into a new browser tab.

If you aren’t directed to the list of homes you will want to create a new link and update this as soon as possible.

If the Buyer Link brings up the correct web page on your screen, the problem is most likely because the Lead’s email program (ex: Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook) did not convert the Buyer Link into a clickable link. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to fix this as it’s strictly related to the lead’s email program and possibly related to the lead’s security settings.  An easy solution is updating the email sent to your leads in the funnel. Add a line to the end of the email: “If you are having trouble clicking the link, copy and paste into your browser.”


Finally, remember that your leads are receiving a general list of properties. It won’t always reflect the search results they desire or information that was entered from the landing page. If a lead replies to you that the search parameters aren’t correct, take this opportunity to get all the specifics of what the lead is looking for in a home and then create a custom search in your MLS and set the lead up to receive a recurring search from the MLS. Creating a customized report is a great way to start establishing a relationship and showing your expertise.

IMPORTANT!  A Buyer Link created with an MLS can expire!  Sometimes in 2 weeks, 1 month, or it might not expire at all. It is best to check the link periodically to ensure your leads are receiving an active list. Check by quickly following these steps:

Periodically check the Buyer Link

STEP 1:  Hover over My Settings and click Account Settings in the drop-down.


STEP 2:  Click on the Buyer Links tab in the left-hand column.


STEP 3:  Copy the link that appears in the field titled 'List of all homes for sale in your target city'.


STEP 4:  Paste it into a new browser tab.    


If the link brings you to the correct web page, it is working!

If it doesn’t, then it’s time to create a new Buyer Link. Learn how in this Help Center article: Where Do I Generate A Buyer Link.

You can find more detailed information on the Buyer Process in our article Buyer Lead Process


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