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Agent Seats (How do I create an additional login?)

So you need add some team members? You can add as many as Agent Seats as you need. Once a new Agent Seat is purchased, the system generates a new unique login. The original user who signed up cwill be given full administrative access.

Agent Seat Features:

  • Each additional Agent Seat is $39/month.
  • The Agent Accounts will only see the leads assigned to them and do not have access to all of the features.
  • Agents do not have the ability to create new Landing Pages or Emails.   

About the Broker Seat:

  • The Broker Seat is the main account holder and is given full access to the account. A Broker Seat will be able to see all leads regardless of who the leads are assigned to.
  • The Broker Seat sets and manages permissions as well as the Lead Assignment Rules for each Agent.

About Lead Distribution:

Leads are distributed using either round-robin or assignment rules. You can customize these rules according to:

  • Day of the week
  • Time the lead was captured
  • Source of the lead
  • Landing page the lead was captured from
  • Lead type (buyer/seller/re-fi/rental/purchase)

How to Setup a New Agent Seat

1. Settings tab

Start by navigating to the Settings Tab and clicking on the tab labeled 'Manage Your Team'.


2. Add Additional Agent Seats

Click on the orange button labeled '+Add an agent' located in the upper-right of the screen.


 Manage Permissions

You can now set the permissions for what your agent should or should not have access to do.



4. Determine How Leads are Assigned to Your Agents

How to Automatically Assign Incoming Leads

Step 1: Click Assignment Rules located on the left-hand side of the page, below the Manage your Team section.

Step 2: Click the tab of the Agent who will be assigned Leads.

Step 3: You can set up specific rules based on the Day, Time, Source, Landing Page, or Lead Type.

Step 4: Select the Round Robin box to tell the system to alternate the distribution of leads between the seats.

Step 5: Click Save Changes



How to Manually Assign Incoming Leads

Step 1: Navigate to the full Leads view.

Step 2: Find the column titled Assign To.

Step 3: Click the drop-down arrow and select an agent.



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