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What's a Funnel?

A Funnel is a set of text messages and emails that are automatically sent to leads over a specified period of time.

A Funnel is also commonly referred to as an "email drip campaign" or "autoresponder series."

Seller Funnel:


Buyer Funnel:


Each BoldLeads Account comes with several Funnels. Your account is automatically set up so that each captured lead is automatically assigned to a Funnel. A Funnel message (email or text) is sent to your lead almost immediately after it is captured.

We wrote the initial content in the BoldLeads Funnel and are confident in their ability to motivate your leads to take additional action. In fact, over the last two year, our funnel emails and text messages have been delivered to over a million Leads!

It's a general best practice to read and review the emails and text messages associated with each Funnel so that you understand the content you are sending to your lead.

We also recommend that you send the Funnel as is (without any edits) for a few weeks to establish a baseline or a benchmark for success. There are several advantages to this approach:

  • You can monitor and track how your local market is responding to the messages
  • You can monitor and track to see if the timing and message content fit nicely into your agents' follow-up processes.

Is the Funnel Customizable?

Yes! You have the ability to add, edit, or disable any messages within the Funnels. You can also create your own custom Funnel, which we cover in the How to Edit a Funnel Support Article.

Funnels are a valuable part of the lead incubation process. The faster you follow-up and the more tailored your messages are, the more conversations you're going to have with Leads. The BoldLeads Funnel messages automate your follow-up process, saving you time while continuing to cultivate those valuable internet leads.

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