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Seller Lead Process

Always be closing! Your Seller Lead process is a crucial part of your lead generation engine.

In this article, we’ll cover several topics:

  1. How Seller Leads are captured
  2. What Seller Leads will receive after filling out a Form
  3. Recommendations on following-up with your Seller Leads 

1. How Seller Leads are Captured:

When a Seller Lead clicks on your ad, they are taken to the corresponding Landing Page.

Here’s an example of a Seller Ad:


2. The Lead is prompted to fill out the information about the home they’d like to sell.

Here’s an example of a Landing Page:


3. For U.S. clients, the system provides Leads with an Instant Home Valuation, and for our Canadian clients, the system notifies Leads that someone on your team will reach out to them shortly.

The Lead Funnel Process

4. Immediately after the Lead submits their information they are added to your Boldleads CRM.


5. The system sends an email and text alert to you each time a new Lead comes through your Boldleads CRM.


6. Once in the system, all new Leads are automatically added to the Funnel associated with the Landing Page where they submitted their information.

    Example Lead Follow-Up Cadence:

  • Email 1: Sent 5 minutes after the Lead is generated. This email acknowledges receipt of Custom Market Analysis (CMA) request.
  • Email 2: Sent 2 hours after the Lead is generated. This email asks the Lead if any improvements to the home have been made.
  • Custom CMA: You send your Lead(s) a CMA sometime between the 2nd and 3rd funnel email.
  • Email 3: Sent 3 days after the Lead is generated. This email requests feedback from the Lead about the CMA you sent.
7. Keep a Regular Communication Cadence
While the Funnel Campaign is running, we also recommend you call that Lead on a regular cadence until you reach the Lead.
8. Determine Motivation
When you make contact with the Lead, determine the Lead's timeline to sell. Through a series of discovery questions, find out why they’re selling, how motivated they are to sell their home and what they expect in terms of representation from their real estate agent.
9. Handling Motivated Leads
If the Lead is highly motivated, ask them for a meeting to review your services and the selling process.

10. Handling Leads That Aren’t Ready to Sell
If the Lead isn’t quite ready to sell their home, continue to cultivate the relationship so that when they are ready to list their home they ask you to be their real estate agent!

Learn more in our BoldLeads Training Class Series!

We highly encourage everyone to view our training class series so that you can make the most of the leads captured by the BoldLeads system. Access to the training classes is located in the client dashboard under the Support tab.


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