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Setting Up Your Seller Account

Welcome to BoldLeads!

Let’s lay the foundation for your success with BoldLeads. Follow these steps to get your Seller Account up-and-running fast.

You can set up your Seller Account in just a few, easy steps.

STEP 1:  Hover over my Settings and click on Account Settings in the top, right-hand corner of the page.


STEP 2:  You’re in! Now it’s time to set your Account Profile Picture.  Click on the orange pencil icon to set the Account Owner Profile Picture and the Public Facing Profile Picture.


STEP 3:  Verify your name is correct and edit the Public Facing Profile if you will be using a team name.


STEP 4:  Verify the phone number field contains a number that can receive text messages.


STEP 5:  Update your Password by adding a new password and confirming the new password.



STEP 6:  Verify that the timezone is set correctly.


STEP 7:  Make any changes to your Default Email Signature.


STEP 8:  Click on the button labeled Save Settings.




Now you’re ready to update your Lead Notification Settings.


Don't forget!

Remember to start watching the Introduction Series Videos located in the Training Tab as this will give you a strong foundation in learning your new platform!

Then, follow up with the BoldLeads Bootcamp videos.

Also, attend our free BoldLeads training sessions. These handy online webinars come with your subscription and are a fantastic introduction to BoldLeads. There are three sessions: 

1. BoldLeads 101

2. Lead Conversion and BoldLeads Success 



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