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Can I Change My Ad?

Our Campaigns have been tested and proven to produce the maximum results for our clients.

We do not allow for certain customizations as we have found that these changes will significantly lower reach, exclude potential leads, and negatively impact your lead volume.  We are an off-the-shelf, turn-key solution, but we are conscious and aware that we represent your image and brand, so we do allow for certain minor customization requests (image changes and certain verbiage changes).

The more changes we make to the tried-and-true, performing campaign, the more “niche” the audience and the lower the reach.  IMPORTANT!  Facebook won’t run your advertisements if the reach is too small, so the advertising dollars would be wasted on a campaign that is not achieving its maximum potential.

though we don’t have guarantees for lead-count, we are trying to make sure your dollar is stretching as far as possible for your Marketing Campaign and lead volume.

Also, certain groups of people (age, race, income, veterans, retirees, etc.) are not allowed by Facebook as they have removed any options to discriminate an audience.

Available Customizations:

We can change the Ad Image, Brokerage Name and/or License Number.  We can also update or remove verbiage such as removing the word “exclusive” or “instant” from an ad.  Lastly, we can change or remove verbiage to suggest more generic values that are specific to the housing market in an area.

Unavailable Customizations:

We cannot target specific niche groups like new construction, veterans, golf-courses, retired, age groups, etc.

IMPORTANT!  The changes we can make affect the number of leads and not how ready or qualified the leads are when they submit their information. Again, no targeting of specific demographics such as age, race, income level, occupation, or educational level.  Cannot add in verbiage per the client’s request to “attract” more leads (ie: “I am a puppy lover real estate agent” “I’m a veteran” etc.)

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