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Where Do I Generate a Buyer Link?

A Buyer Link is generated using the search functionality on your personal website or using your MLS account. The link is created by refining a home search to specific types of properties available in your market. The results will appear on a search page. The URL associated with that search provides the public access to the search results.

About Buyer Links

So what’s a Buyer Link?

Boldleads’ Ads offer potential clients a list of homes available in their area. A Buyer Link connects to a specific home search generated from your MLS database or website. The link makes it possible for Boldleads to send your Leads an up-to-date inventory of homes for sale in your market. Since the MLS restricts access to Realtors with area licenses, we need you to generate the link.

What Search Criteria do I use for the Buyer Link?

We recommend you use the status, location, and property type.

  • The Status should be set to Active.
  • The Location should match what you purchased with Boldleads.
  • The Property type should be set to Single Family Home.

Creating Buyer Links

How do I create a Buyer Link?

Using your MLS account or personal website, search for the type and price of properties available in your market. Your Buyer Link is the URL associated with the results of your home search.


Option 1: Personal Website

Your website's home search feature is typically obtained through an IDX feed from your local MLS. This feature lets visitors search for homes in your area. Follow these steps to generate a link from your home search feature:

1. Refine your criteria.

2. Copy the URL of each results page and paste the Buyer Link into the appropriate field here.

Important! The general does not work. It must be the unique URL generated from your home search.


Option 2: MLS

Generate a list of homes based on your search. This is the exact same exercise you would go through with any other client.

1. Refine your criteria.

2. Enter yourself as the recipient and send yourself the results.

3. The URL in the email is your Buyer Link for that category.

4. Copy the URL of the results page and paste it into the appropriate field here


Option 3: Contact Boldleads Support

Submit a ticket with us by clicking on the Help icon in your account, or you can schedule a call with us within your Support Tab. We'll create the links for you.



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